Ne Obliviscaris are an insanely talented and original music unit who has been navigating the music industry for some time. Now, the band is looking to make a change in their careers by quite literally crowdfunding the band. You can read much more on this and contribute by CLICKING HERE.

That being the case, here’s some good news from camp Ne Obliviscaris! The band is officially recording an all new, full-length album. As of right now, it has been reported that all the drum tracking is done and guitars are about to start.

It should be interesting to see how this new effort comes together. Especially when you consider the extremely talented Cygnus is now out of the band. Luckily, all the many remaining members are beyond capable with their respective talents. What’s more, the band just announced open auditions for a new bassist! All the relevant information can be found through their statement here:


As many of you will already be aware, we are on the hunt for a new bassist. We just finished teaming up with an incredible bassist on our new album and we are really excited to show you that music very soon. However, that partnership we knew from the outset was just for this one album and now that it is finally complete we are turning our attention to finding that special someone to join us on the road and into the future.

If you think that might be you, read below so you can find out what to do next!

NE OBLIVISCARIS are looking for a bassist who:
* Is capable of playing our existing repertoire at an extremely high standard
* Is professional and hard working
* Has pro quality gear
* Is available to tour worldwide regularly- often up to 5-6 months of the year
* Has great live stage presence
* Has prior experience touring (*ideally)

If that still sounds like you then we would love to have you audition to join NeO on the road starting late 2017.

1. Send an email with the title (BASS AUDITION plus your name) with some information about yourself to: [email protected]
2. We’ll then provide you with a tab/sheet music for ‘Painters of the Tempest Part 2’ in full so that you can learn it and create a video of you performing it as your audition. Then you just send us a link to your performance and if we love how you play, we’ll discuss things more with you from there!

NOTE: If you live outside of Australia you wouldn’t be required to move here in order to take up the position. We don’t really care where you are in the world as we spend more time away from Australia touring than in it. The most important thing is to find the right person musically.

Best of luck!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // iTunes // Crowdfunding