Progressive Metalcore is quite popular these days with most of the newer Melodic Metalcore bands opting for this particular style to achieve ambience and euphony in their sound. This year alone we had many awesome Prog Metalcore releases such as Dreamscape, Hikari etc. The new Lost In Separation album is a new addition to this ever growing list of releases. Lost In Separation is one among the newer Melodic Metalcore bands who carefully formulate the Progressive elements and the original Melo Metalcore sound to equate a perfect formula for this style.

“Sister Moon” is LIS’s debut album which flaunts 8 harmonic tracks backed with the typical djenty breakdowns to add some ferocity to their sound. The intro track of the album utilizes every single bit of their energy to deliver a pulverizing, yet melodic track in “Wasted Youth”. The clean vocals suit the structure of the song perfectly, which isn’t common among the newer Melodic Metalcore bands as they deliver a chaotic structure whilst pulling this off. One of the most appealing hues in their instrumentation lies beneath with the captivating keys in the background. They hold and trace the relentless breakdowns, giving an everlasting atmospheric impression on listeners. Djenty guitar structures subside as the next track, “Windburner” is more like a breakdown-centric song featuring their typical Progressive touch. The production is clean yet manages to sound natural here.

Adrenaline pumps up as the third track, “Deathwish” has yet another energetic intro with strong and hard hitting screams. They give a perfect start for the rest of the instrumentation to prevail. Amidst the tempo breaks we get an interlude-ish passage. But Wait! The song is not over yet! After that little passage, Lost In Separation break every single bone with a crushing breakdown which kinda sounds like a Djenty Mathcore-ish tempo break. The album sounds solid so far as not a single song can be left out without explaining its beauty. The streak continues as the fourth track “Sister Moon” is worthy of being the best song off this record. With complex combinations of keys and guitars which provide a single dissonant sound, this 5 minute title track will surely mesmerize any listeners regardless of their musical taste. The euphoric solo towards the end of the song proves its authenticity.

As the time elapses with every listen, one gets more attached to the songs as every one of them proves to be addictive and catchy. After a couple of songs, we get to enjoy the sweet melody of the seven minute track, “Wintersleep”. The song itself is versatile and keeps the listeners hooked. Even though the track may be seven minutes, it is not at all boring – might as well be seven seconds by the time the song ceases. On a similar note, Sister Moon eclipses with an eight minute track entitled “The Endeavor”. Apart from the title track, this is probably the best song on the record. Lost In Separation keep their original sound but this time around they consolidate the Progressive elements by cutting the ferocious Metalcore essence short.

Overall, “Sister Moon” is damn near a perfect album from start to finish. Lost In Separation truly showcased their extreme musicianship and talent by putting up a lot of memorable passages. In my opinion, Lost In Separation might as well compete with major Melodic Metalcore acts in the future with their fresh and mutating sound. That being said, “Sister Moon” is a MUST LISTEN!

– Sooraj Ram

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