A joke petition has sprung up, calling for the banning of Deathcore from the state of Tennessee. It reads as such:

Deathcore promotes wannabe tough-guy mentalities and encourages bad karate moves. They only play like two frets on the guitar and murder the china cymbal. It’s dumb breakdowns and edgy lyrics. Everyone who listens to deathcore or plays in a deathcore band smokes meth and beats their girlfriends. Quite frankly, deathcore as a whole should be banned but I am in Tennessee, which is full of good Bible reading, God loving folks who should not be subject to this. Help me end the deathcore movement one signature at a time!

As of right now, a whopping 48 out of 1,000 people have signed in support of this. The comments are pretty funny themselves. For example…

“I hate them damn devil worshippers! yEEyEE”

“Thunk if teh childrun!”

“Because their shirts are too long”

“Gosh it’s just so loud and scary”

“They all hardcore dance like lil bitches and they don’t know how to mosh. They also seem to like “brie” cheese?”

“Practicing karate does not equal moshing. Massive ear gauges suck. Skinny jeans and swoop pants are not cool.”

“False metal must be destroyed”

“We are all using our First Amendment rights to tell others not to use theirs. Oh, the irony!”

Sign on up HERE if you will.

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