Karmament from Joensuu, Finland released their debut single “Ocean Grave” recently. The song and its lyric video describe how a greedy person sinks deeply into immorality and ultimately drowns in its bottomless ocean. You can find the lyric video on Karmament’s YouTube channel:

Karmament’s music could be categorized as “modern death metal”. The music is influenced by both progressive and melodic death metal. Karmament was a part of Joensuu Rock Academy band coaching project. During the project, the young musicians were coached by Mikko von Hertzen among others. The song “Ocean Grave” was mixed by Samu Oittinen and mastered by Svante Forsbäck. For the time being, Karmament is working on new material which they want to take in a more heavy and melodic direction.

– Juuso

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