Marky Mark Fights A Sharky Shark… is a real band. You might remember these guys for ripping your face off. Alternatively, you may remember them for their incredible, chaotic first singles “I Love Lamp” and “Fronz Should Have Been A Blowjob” or for making our Most Ridiculous Band Names list. Or, you may not remember them at all – in which case you should work on that.

This is a batshit crazy Technical Death Metal band hailing from Kansas. And, as you can probably tell, they don’t take themselves very seriously… until it comes to the music itself.

Once again this shows through their latest single “Cursed With Schmuckness” which is now avaiable for streaming and FREE DOWNLOAD over on Bandcamp! You can also give the goods a listen just below via our YouTube stream. If you enjoy the band, show them some love and support!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // YouTube