On September 19th Misconducters released the digital version of a new album, ‘Pariah‘. The CD version will come out in Brazil on 31st October via MS Metal.

‘Pariah‘ was recorded at Lumen Studios and can be ordered via Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes, as well as in many other platforms. It can also be streamed in its entirety on Spotify.

Below is the video for “Born Down South”, fifth track from ‘Pariah’, containing exclusive artwork by Steve Otis and Rebecca Magar:

Misconducters formed in 2008 in London, England, where its founder, Den, lived for nearly 10 years – eventually returning to his homeland Brazil where he continued the band’s legacy with a different lineup. Misconducters have released 5 albums, including ‘You’re Asking For It‘ (2010, Self-Released), ‘Hypnopaedia‘ (2014, Self-Released), ‘Boundless‘ (2015, Self-Released), ‘Circadian‘ (2016, MS Metal), ‘Pariah‘ (2017, MS Metal).

– Den

01. Skyline (05:49)
02. Top of the Chain (04:27)
03. Battlefield (02:53)
04. Pariah (05:39)
05. Born Down South (03:01)
06. Vermifuge II (03:16)
07. Pace of Life (04:29)
08. See Beyond (06:02)

Links: Facebook // Official Website // Bandcamp