Deftones drummer Abe Cunningham recently broke down his musical history and his place with Deftones in an interview with his sponsor and drumming juggernaut Zildjian. He also goes on to speak about the specs of his set up and the reason behind the drums on his kit. Partner all of this with some tasty live footage and you have a good interview video for drummers and music fans in general. You can check it out right here:

Here are the specs of the Abe Cunningham set up:

15″ A Mastersound HiHats
8″ K Splash
19″ A Heavy Crash
21″ K Crash Ride
10″ A Splash
22″ A Custom Ping Ride
21″ A Crash Ride
9.5″ FX ZIL-BEL, Large
19″ K China

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