BlurryCloud is the brainchild of Jack DeMaio. He was responsible writing, recording, producing, and mixing what you’re about to hear. And what you’re about to hear is a brilliant, experimental music. He typically hits through a combination of Progressive Metal and Rock, a modern djent sound, a little bit of electronic music, and said experimentation as you can experience towards the bottom of this page.

However, for his latest endeavor, he’s decided to mix things up a bit by scoring music to beautiful still scenes filmed in high definition so. In doing so, he’s bringing motion to otherwise mostly stagnant scenery and the results are pretty great. You can check out this first episode of “A Still House” by the name of “Lift” by simply pressing the “play” button just below. For a more in-depth description of what’s happening, you can look below that. Enjoy the art!

A STILL HOUSE is an ongoing music-video series dedicated to scoring music to still-video and animation, incorporating as much of the imagery into the music as possible. Each episode will be released on a rolling basis, with wildly varying moods and styles.

EP01 – LIFT: LIFT was filmed in the suburbs of Philadelphia, my childhood home. I wanted the first episode to have a personal feel to it, setting the foundation for what will be a looking glass into my life and where I am as I move forward in my musical career. LIFT was an obvious place to start.

Right off the bat, there was a great deal of imagery in the video that I felt could be easily emulated through music. The oversaturated soil, water-laden rocks, and the pitter patter of the rain all drove the creative process in my writing. I took note of how the rain would gently vary in intensity over time, and other times do so more abruptly. You can see tiny specks of dirt float through the water, some submerged, and others suspended by tension.

Overall, the imagery was dark and clouded, but filmed toward the end of a long series of rain showers. The sun came out not too long after, lifting the soaked atmosphere from the ground.

Want to contribute to this series with your own video/animation? Don’t hesitate to get in contact: [email protected]

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