Remember Unlocking The Truth? This trio of kids blew up a couple years back following a series of viral performances. They were essentially the three pre-teens tearing apart times square with metal!

Since that time, they’ve grown a bit and have had several huge opportunities including performing on TV multiple times, a professional sports halftime show, and signing a massive record deal with Sony at a point.

Now, they’re back with a Loudwire premiere for an all new music video!

Frontman Malcolm Brickhouse had the following to say of the song’s meaning while speaking with Loudwire:

“The meaning of ‘My Chains‘ will be different for everyone but there’s a line in the song for everyone. Think about it. We all have life’s chains. It could be somebody or something we use as a crutch to help us get through life and loosen those chains. We wanted the ‘My Chains‘ video to show that Unlocking The Truth has more to offer than just a good song. The video and song both push the envelope for ‘the norm’ in metal music. It’s fresh. It’s new. It’s MY CHAINS!”

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