Omega Diatribe is a band we’ve been following since the very roots of The Circle Pit. Hailing from Hungary, this band has been making quality music for about 9 years now! To be more specific, they deliver a variant on Groove Metal that will crush your existence.

They’ve shown this ability through multiple releases, most recently with 2015’s “Abstract Ritual” (read our review by CLICKING HERE). Now, they’ve gearing for an all new full-length release next year! It will likely go by the name of “Trinity” and so far, it’s sounding so good!

To support this, we’ve teamed up with the band in order to share the beautiful lyric video for the new single “Spinal Cord Fusion”! Definitely check this out and prepare yourself for what comes next! You can follow along over on Facebook, YouTube, and Bandcamp.

Links: Facebook // Youtube // Bandcamp