Skyharbor has definitely been cooking. There has been plenty of updates towards a new album “Sunshine Dust” via their social media accounts. You can head over to those for more but we’ve posted some key clips for your enjoyment down below!

Here’s the statement from last month as well:

Dear fans,

About 6 months ago today, we were ready with our third album Sunshine Dust and poised to release it to the world. A lot of things were different this time around to how they’d been during the making of and release of Guiding Lights – we were without a label or any source of funding, had piled on debts from touring over the past couple years, and had undergone significant lineup changes. In the midst of all this we wrote, self-produced and recorded by far our best songs yet. However, self-producing a solo project as was the case on BWN and having five people try to produce a record together remotely over opposite time zones are different kettles of fish entirely. We heard it back with our fingers on the DIY release trigger and decided that the final product wasn’t doing justice to the songs.

We’ll keep the rest short. After months of negotiation and nail biting, we are about to sign a brand new record deal (info soon), and today we fly to Australia to record Sunshine Dust again, this time with the master Forrester Savell in the producer’s chair. It will come to you early next year, bigger, better and sweeter than we could ever have done ourselves. Thank you all for your patience, and watch this space for more news soon!

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