If you consider yourself to be a fan of Progressive music, Evgen Tsibulin is most definitely a name to keep tabs on. Hailing from Siberia, he has proven to be both a highly talented and hard working musician and composer fully worth experiencing. He approaches his craft from an instrumental perspective, making every note count along the way as a range of instruments weave together into the listener’s ear.

It’s clear that he’s been at work with music for awhile but his guitar-centric releases started hitting back in 2014 with the EP “Life of Night City”. He would go on to launch singles and a full-length album “Discovering Myself” just last year. All of the above exhibited great guitar work paired with lush instrumentation.

In his latest 2017 effort, Tsibulin launched a monstrous 6+ minute track that is about as prog as it gets! This was done in conjunction with his band and input from none other than the highly talented Moscow-based guitarist Sergey Golovin! (Click Here if you’re interested in his material.)

Going by the name of “Disquieting Time”, the new number certainly does put several feet forward in playing with timing and different sonic palettes. It all comes together in a magnificent (prognificent?) exhibition. This comes complete with a great video showing all the musicians at work through some very cool framing. You can enjoy this by pressing that “play” button down below!

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