Striking in late February, Vexes (former members of A Life Once Lost, Vessl, Fury of Five, and Downstage) will be launching the full-length effort that is “Ancient Geometry”. It comes with heavy similarities to the likes of Deftones (in a very good way!)

If the two tracks available so far, “Lift” and “Plasticine”, serve as any indication, this should be one hell of an album! It will come packed with 10 tracks altogether. “Ancient Geometry” is currently available for pre-order over on Bandcamp. Give this music a go!

Here’s the official description of the band:

VEXES was formed from the ashes of A Life Once Lost, Vessl, Fury of Five, and Downstage. Some say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. That’s especially true when passionate artists draw from multiple sources to create striking, original compositions that retain the essence, but not the song structures of their greatest influences. VEXES love music too much to resort to wholesale theft. Yet one listen to their debut album Ancient Geometry (Due Early 2018) confirms their love for Deftones, Cave In, Thrice, Helmet and even post-metal bands like Isis and Pelican.

Ancient Geometry should appeal to the fans of the bands VEXES love, but also to anyone that enjoys creative, eclectic and surprising hard rock and metal. For VEXES, the best albums aren’t the ones that are instantly accessible or easily palatable. They’re the ones that require repeat listening to fully absorb the many subtle and not so subtle layers of emotion. But there’s one rule the band adhere to: Every song, whether aggressive and chugging, fast and frenetic or slow and melancholy needs a strong, melodic chorus.

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp