Good news from camp Allegaeon! The band is planning to start recording an all new album with producer Dave Otero (Cattle Decapitation, Khemmis) this March over at Flatline Audio!

But you won’t have to wait for new music… The band just launched a cover of none other than the Rush classic “Animate”! You can give a listen below. Here’s what guitarist Greg Burgess had to say of this:

When we settled on Rush to cover during the ‘Proponent‘ sessions, I simply couldn’t pick which song to do. ‘Subdivisions‘ or ‘Animate.’ Both were favorites for me personally, and both were sort of ‘under the radar’ eg. not ‘Tom Sawyer‘ or ‘Spirit of the Radio.’ Where the original idea was to do a cover for a Japanese bonus track, we figured if we did both we could cover a special song for both the Japan AND Europe pressing.

Then the powers that be decided to just include ‘Subdivisions‘ on the album, and keep ‘Animate‘ in reserve for something. Jan 6th, 2018 is the only occurrence of the golden ratio in date form that will occur during our life time. So 1.6.18 seemed like the perfect date to release it in Allegaeon fashion.”

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