Norway is a never ending machine when it comes to producing quality metal music. In fact, it has one of the highest counts of metal bands per capita in the entire world. Steeped in legend, one can never be quite sure what metallic force will emerge next…

We had introduced Azmaroth in such a way back in 2016 with their massive debut full-length “Death Crowned King”. They play some truly solid Groove Metal music which needs to be experienced by all fans of the sub-genre. Speaking of which, the LP is currently available for streaming / purchase on Bandcamp as well as a full album stream below.

But that’s beside the point of what brings us here today. The band’s vocalist Tobias Røkke has proven to be talented on a number of levels. Most recently, he’s shown his chops through an unlikely cover song that turned out very well. He took on a track of Norwegian popstar Astrid S and transformed it into a metal banger! More specifically, he made the song “Hurts So Good” grow horns!

You can enjoy both his remake and the original version for all your cross comparison needs down below along with the aforementioned LP. Enjoy your steps into the world of Azmaroth!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp