Degenerate are back! Hailing from Amsterdam, this band plays a wicked take on Melodic Death Metal with some twists here and there. They launched an EP two years back and are currently preparing to strike again.

This is evinced through the launch of an all new music video for an all new single by the name of “Eudaimonia”. You can observe the madness for yourself via the following link. Enjoy!

The band released the following statement in regards to the release of this new single:

“It’s been a long wait since the release of our EP, but here is our first single! This is a little taste of what 2018 will bring; Shows, songs and something bigger. We have been very busy, so keep your eyes and ears open. And watch out for anything coming from the four of us”

Speaking of their previous EP, you can enjoy some more of their music right here:

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