“Affliction” marks the first step from Divided By Perception into the realm of music videos. They’ve been hard at work on music for awhile now so, naturally, it’s nice to see things come full circle for them on this level. You can view the video for yourself by hitting that “play” button down below.

For those who are unaware, this is a band based in Romania. Their weapon of choice comes down to playing Metalcore / Hardcore with Melodic twists inserted. They do a good job of pulling this off.

They’ll also be playing with none other than Comeback Kid next Monday. So, if you happen to be a Romanian music fan, definitely go check that out! You can find more info over on their Facebook page where you should also drop a “like”.

Filmed by Sebastian Văcăriuc
Script: Adrian Cârlugea
Actress: Andrada Haș
Camera assistent: Drăgușin Valentin Dan

Produced by Chamaeleo

Links: Facebook // Instagram