You may or may not remember Mind’s I (LISTEN HERE). They were an impressive step in a direction of psychedelic style djent / progressive metal type music around 2012 that was, in part, recorded by Born of Osiris. They ran alongside members of the now defunct Crossing the Event Horizon (LISTEN HERE) as well who took things that much further in the prog direction. There was a lot of interesting music that came out of that sector.

Turns out, the Mind’s I drummer Jon Shuemaker picked up the guitar as well and has been writing like crazy since 2013. Since then he’s released no less than… wait for it… 17 ALBUMS! Talk about a prolific artist!

They come in a number of shapes, sizes, and styles that may appeal to many of you. Jon himself describes his work as such:

I’m completely DIY and do everything myself. The music has bit of a “Lofi” approach. It varies from metal to world to rock to electronic.

Better and more unbelievably yet, all the music is available for either free download or “name your price” downloads over on Bandcamp! We’ve posted streams for the three latest releases here. Check ’em out!

Links: Bandcamp