2017… This was an… Interesting year?
Yeah; we’ll go with interesting…
I have been a bit spectral in regards to covering new releases (Sorry about that)…
Damn life changes and whatnot.


I did want to put together a little list of my favorite releases of 2017!

Hopefully you dig them and hopefully some of them are on your lists too.

As always, there will be a TL;DR at the bottom for the lesser motivated.

1. I had been awaiting this album since EGO and ECO were released and it was so worth the wait. Not to mention; David Maxim Micic had a North American tour with PLINI and I got to SEE IT ALL!
Well.. Not every show… But still. It was amazing to see them live and even in that cramped venue they KILLED it. My ALBUM OF THE YEAR ISSSSS: “WHO BIT THE MOON” BY DAVID MAXIM MICIC!

Such a fantastic piece of work. I loved every second of it.

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // iTunes


2. Second in line and runner up to my album of the year is a bit of an odd album, but I jam out to this daily. I have only just started listening to them after seeing them put on a hell of a show along with The Contortionist and Between the Buried and Me. Polyphia’s “The Most Hated”, is badass. I must have listened to Goose and 40oz over 250 times each since the release. This album reeeeally shines on a beefy sound system.

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // Merch // iTunes


3. FUCKING FINALLY. Keene… Goddammit Keene, you make us wait so long, but you have yet to disappoint. “In Becoming a Ghost” is definitely the most experimental in the library of The Faceless, but damn is it good. Since the early demos of Leica and The Ghost of a Stranger I have been a huge fan. Through the ups and downs and odd choices made; The Faceless have made some amazing music. This album is no exception to that, though it is a bit different than the norm; I still loved it.

Links: Facebook // Twitter // iTunes


4.*In game show host voice* aaaaaaAAAAAAAND NOW for the number FOUR spot on the list! We have the self-titled release from ARCH ECHO!


I realize reading the things I write sometimes is a bit odd and all over the place, but that’s what it’s like inside my head.

A scary place indeed.

Very messy.

Seriously, though… Arch Echo launched themselves with this album. Actually, It’s become one of my favorite instrumental releases of all time. They’re hanging out with Chimp Spanner and David Maxim in the hall of soulful shreddery.

Links: Facebook // Official Website // Bandcamp


5. Next on the list is the fourth album from The Contortionist. I’ve loved everything they’ve done, so I guess it’s not very surprising that “Clairvoyant” made the list. There is a feeling that just kind of overcomes you when you listen to this album. Calm, yet attentive. Serene, yet conflicted. It’s a beautifully put together musical journey.

Links: Facebook // Twitter // Merch


6. NUMBER ^! That’s a 6. I just am a poor typist.

From Poland, comes the album “It All Starts from Pieces” by Distant Dream. An all instrumental shredtastic space voyage.

I fucking love space.

I’ve said it before and will continue to say it even after I actually go there. One way or another, I’m getting off this planet.

This is a great album and I am glad to have been lucky enough to come across it.

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp


7. Dark Matter Secret. Perfect World Creation. INSANELY great Progressive Tech Death.

Every element that I love about Tech Death is embodied within this album. I didn’t realize that I had this album to check out until well after its release and it nearly fell through the cracks…

Luckily it clawed its way from the cracks into my ears; making a ruckus the whole way. The ripped flesh left in its wake was a testament to its brutality.

Actually, I think a lot of these wounds are gonna leave scars.

Scars are cool, right?

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp


8. Though still a fresh band, the fellas from DIMMAN show huge potential and their album “Guide My Fury” definitely showcases what they have to offer. I reeeeeeeeally want to hear more from them in the future. Some of the best new Melodeath I’ve heard. The album is 4 tunes with an orchestral version of one as the 5th. At 18 minutes; this is just a taste, but it’s DELICIOUS!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp


9. This is a bit of an odd entry because it is not metal of any kind. Though it is from Rémi Gallego; the man behind The Algorithm. The album is called “直線移動” (different translators are saying different things, so I’m just gonna not translate it…) and it was released under the alias Boucle Infinie. I am fan of synthwave and vaporwave and was pretty excited when I found out Rémi was throwing his hat into the ring in that realm too. I hope he plans on doing more under this new alias..

Links: Facebook // Twitter // Official Store



I really have a lot of instrumental releases on the 2017 list.


Another instrumental release!

Aaaaaaaaaaaand… This is available for a NAME YOUR PRICE ON BANDCAMP!

Which means you pretty much have to check it out.

You literally have nothing to lose.

Except time… But if you download it and listen to it while doing something else, you’re golden.


10. The 10 spot this year is filled by the album “Harbinger” by Sovereign. I wonder if Mass Effect may have played a role in these names… In any case; dubbed cyber metal (think kinda like Clawerfield mixed with some Megaman 8 music) Harbinger is a heavy, yet bouncy and fun album that I was very surprised at. For such a small release, it is very well produced and musically awesome.

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp


Honorable Mentions:

Paranova – Hyperhollow
This is a great album. The instrumentation and vocals are very well presented and extremely catchy. If you’re looking for something to rock out to and sing along with this album is it.

Links: Facebook // Official Website // Purchase // YouTube


Voyager – Ghost Mile
From Australia, Voyager puts forth an incredible album. Such catchy tunes and beautiful melodies between the vocals and instruments. Also… I was singing along to Ghost Mile in my car (stopped in traffic) when I received a phone call… Let’s just say my audience was not impressed with my short burst of acapella…

Links: Facebook // Official Website


Wide Eyes – Paradoxica
If you’ve been floating around the djent scene you’ve likely heard of Wide Eyes. Paradoxica is a sick installment they’ve released. The intro to Hollow Rain is straight adrenaline.

Links: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp


My list is complete for this year.

Again, sorry for being ghost for such a long while. Not that I have a ton of people clamoring to read my haphazardly thrown together thoughts.

If you’ve already checked some of these out, awesome! The ones you haven’t yet; go get em. That can be another New Year’s Resolution.

1. David Maxim Micic – Who Bit the Moon
2. Polyphia – The Most Hated
3. The Faceless – In Becoming a Ghost
4. Arch Echo – Arch Echo
5. The Contortionist – Clairvoyant
6. Distant Dream – It All Starts from Pieces
7. Dark Matter Secret – Perfect World Creation
8. Dimman – Guide My Fury
9. Boucle Infinie -直線移動
10. Sovereign – Harbinger

Honorable Mentions
Paranova – Hyperhollow
Voyager – Ghost Mile
Wide Eyes – Paradoxica