Exploding out of Rimini, Italy comes Suffer In Silence. This unit pieces together elements of straight up Death Metal and Melodic Death Metal to make a deadly combination of sound. The group is mainly comprised of Patrick Amati who delivers vocals, guitars, bass, and synth. He works with drummer Filippo “Ciko” Cicoria (Nightland) on drums to help bring the blasts to life.

The album “Beautiful Lies” came into existence last year and pummels the listener with a solid 40+ minutes of metal music across 9 tracks. This was released through the good people over at Sliptrick Records and is currently available at the band’s Merch store and Bandcamp page.

Now, to the point of today’s promotion! Suffer In Silence constructed an awesome cover for the album. A cover of no less than the Metallica classic “The Four Horsemen” from their debut full-length “Kill ’em All”. It’s an awesome twist that’s recommended to all the Metallica and Death Metal fans of this world. You can enjoy the goods along with the original version for all your cross comparison needs right here:

Suffer In Silence: Facebook // Merch // Bandcamp // Twitter

Metallica: Facebook // Twitter // iTunes