There’s a very lush and, dare I say, beautiful guitar sound booming from Sydney, Australia right now! If you consider yourself a fan of the sweet sounds made by virtuoso style performers, you’ll want to check this one out.

Introducing Nick Miller – a man making music to make you feel good! His style can essentially be described as an instrumental take on Progressive Rock with some nice traditional Rock elements thrown in as well. His music is akin to a great day at the beach. A pure talent to be sure!

This shows through his new, two part album by the name of “Ocean and Earth”. It takes the listener’s ears on a journey across the globe in a direction where the sun never sets. I’d highly recommend this experience for those looking to relax or add some positivity to their life.

The record is available for streaming through the YouTube link provided below and you can jump in even further with an 8 day interactive experience over on his Official Website. Enjoy the music!

Links: Facebook // Official Website