Hailing from the southern reaches of Mobile, Alabama rises a new extreme metal force. Presenting Oracle! This is a hard working four-piece metal unit ready to do damage through a blend of different sonic approaches. In the two years of their existence, they’ve already put out two full-length albums! That in itself is commendable.

The latest of these two goes by the title of “Into The Unknown”. It made landfall last month and has been wreaking havoc on the eardrums of this world ever since. It comes packed to the gills with 12 devastating tracks made of pure metal. Currently, both this and their 2016 offering “Beyond Omega” are available for streaming and purchase at a very fair price over on Bandcamp and iTunes!

They also have the album streaming in full via Soundcloud so you can sample the wares through the embedded player just below. If you enjoy what this band is up to, feel free to show them some love and support on Facebook, their Official Website, and through those links above! Also, stay tuned for more! With the rapid pace this band works at, who knows what could come next!

Links: Facebook // Official Website // Bandcamp // Soundcloud // iTunes