Here’s an extremely talented new band that all Deathcore fans should be keeping tabs on. Going by the name of Sold Soul (like some more extreme “old souls”), this is a self-produced, four-piece metal unit “delivering stories of hell, hate, & hopelessness.” Their music is very heavy and well composed in a manner that’s sure to break some necks in the crowd. It also features some elements of Melodeath and even what appears to be pinches of Black Metal to keep listeners on their toes.

All of this and more shows through their debut single “A Voyage Through River Styx” featuring none other than the talents of Niko Apostolakis (Until We Die) and Martin Porter (The Nurnean)! As luck would have it, we’re currently hosting said single via YouTube so you can give it a go by pressing that “play” button just below.

It also bears saying that this band has a lot more up their collective sleeves from big features to, of course, fresh heavy hitting music. That being the case, you should stay tuned! Follow along on Facebook and Bandcamp (where the single is available for a “name your price” download)!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp