Not to sound redundant but… Tomorrow quite literally marks the Age of Tomorrow! The band going by that very name will be releasing an all new album “A Crowded World” for Saturday, February 10th! Pre-orders are currently available to those who CLICK HERE.

Leading up to this point, Age Of Tomorrow have been making a number of moves to support their efforts. This Tuscon, Arizona based modern Metalcore band has released a couple heavy hitting singles by the names of “The Difference Between” and “Unnatural Selection” respectively. There was also a complete teaser released for “A Crowded World” right here on The Circle Pit! These merely mark the beginning of what’s to come from this metal unit so be on the lookout!

Ultimately, the album will be packed with 10 quality tracks that I’m sure a number of you will enjoy. Their approach to Metalcore is very sharp in a way that could be compared and contrasted with the likes of ERRA, Elitist, The Devil Wears Prada, and The Afterimage. You can get a better idea through the aforementioned videos listed out below.

Once again, you can grab pre-orders over on Amazon. If you wish to follow along with the band during the eve of their new launch, you may do so by supporting them on Facebook. Enjoy the music!

Links: Facebook // Amazon