After some very unfortunate events that led to the end of the band Enabler, Amanda Daniels appears to have found a new home in music! This is the Metallic Hardcore band Knaaves based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Their sound is high energy and angry to say the least.

A brand new, debut, two track release by the name of “January” just hit the world yesterday. It shows off the dark and heavy this band is piecing together. You can give a listen through the bandcamp link provided just below where you can also purchase the record!

The band describes themselves as such:

Fueled by a vendetta against time, this four-piece Milwaukee-based metal band blends pissed-off heavy grooves with dark melodic riffs. Featuring former members of Amora Savant, Die Alone and Enabler.

Links: Facebook // Twitter // Official Website // Bandcamp