In 2015, former The Spudmonsters / Run Devil Run vocalist, Don Foose appeared as a guest singer on the Seekers Of The Truth album “Oldskull Revenge”. Willing to push this musical experience further after that release, Franco (bass) with the help of Clem (guitar) started writing songs and approached Foose to see if he would be interested in doing a side project.

Music was recorded and sent back and forth with ideas of what this project would manifest into. It didn’t take long to realize that there was a vibe of compatibility and the trio started demoing songs that would soon be re-recorded in Lyon, France under the name ONE LIFE ALL-IN.

Kevin Foley (Sepultura, Abbath, Benighted) was then brought on board to play drums as ONE LIFE ALL-IN entered the studio to record their debut EP “The A7 Session” with producer Thibault Bernard at Convulsound Studios.

ONE LIFE ALL-IN is a positive hardcore band with a vast array of influences from punk, metal, rock and wherever their imagination takes them. Stay tuned for the release of « The A7 Session » on Rust and Blood Records, in which the band will soon be touring in support of!


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