This is one of my favorite discoveries in recent history. The Night Flight Orchestra is a 70s / 80s style classic rock band featuring none other than Soilwork’s Björn Strid and David Andersson along with Arch Enemy’s Sharlee D’ Angelo, Von Benzo keyboardist Richard Larsson, Mean Streak drummer Jonas Källsbäck, and percussionist Sebastian Forslund.

If you like any or all of the above, chances are you’ll enjoy their collective output. Following their initial formation back in 2007, the band has put out a total of three albums! The latest of these, going by the name of “Amber Galactic” was released last year. You can check out tracks from that offering down below for a taste. I highly recommend their entire discography if you enjoy. This is some quality music with a fun, cheesy edge that might just leave a stupid grin on your face!

The Night Flight Orchestra: Facebook // Official Website