Two brothers put their creativity together to make something truly awesome and fully independent happen. Armed with their bass guitar and marimba, Emmanuel and Gabriel Michaud have produced a full album under the name of Melancholia My Mother… and produced an entire movie to illustrate it! The film is dark and experimental, matching the tone of the music near perfectly. Once again, all of this was done in a fully independent stride which is admirable to say the very least.

Upon hearing of their work, we reached out to the makers of Melancholia My Mother with interest of streaming their full effort via The Circle Pit. That’s precisely what brings us here today! If you look down below, you can hit the play button and take in the experience for yourself! Enjoy!

Furthermore, the entirety of this effort is available for a “name your price” download over on Bandcamp! You can check it out by clicking that associated link. You can also show Emmanuel and Gabriel Michaud love and support for their artwork over on Facebook and YouTube. They have bright futures ahead of them in their respective creative fields and it would be very interesting to see future collaborations between these two as well!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // YouTube