Are you looking for a solid, Hardcore punch to the gut? Look to New Jersey because there is a Mom Fight about to happen! This is a vicious Hardcore / Metal cross composed of four members bent on the destruction of unsuspecting ears and newly formed mosh pits. Ultimately, their music is a lot of fun with a nice (maybe not-so-nice depending on the context), driving sound that should come with a chaos warning.

They’ve been cranking away at their music for a couple years now. They’ve also proven to be hard workers, launching a total of 3 projects since their 2015 inception – 2 demos and an EP. Today, we’ve come to focus on said EP. It goes by the name of “Vacant” but it is anything but empty. It’s filled with 5 shots of Hardcore goodness lasting about ~15 minutes. It’s a solid set.

Currently, all of their music is available for streaming and a “name your price” download over on their official Bandcamp page. It’s highly recommended that Hardcore fans dig in and get their hands dirty with this band. CLICK HERE to explore their music. You can also find a stream for “Vacant” down below!

There are other ways to follow along with and support Mom Fight too! You can check out their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts and show them love.

Be on the lookout for live dates from this band as well! They have two shows on the calandar for this month! The first is happening this Saturday the 10th in Asbury Park, NJ with Threat 2 Society, Hot Blood, MVA, and Time Spent. The second is in Montclair New Jersery’s The Meatlocker with Sentient Horror, ExoVoid, and Miriam. That’s taking place on the 23rd. Check ’em out!

Links: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Bandcamp