Here’s a world premiere for you good people!

The Art of Fading is an up and coming Metalcore unit based in Vienna & Berlin. They’ve been hard at work honing their craft for a few years now and are ready to strike! They’ve also proven to be very professional in their endeavors so this is definitely a band to keep an eye of for fans of the sub-genre. Their approach to music will likely be appreciated by fans of The Devil Wears Prada, Architects, While She Sleeps.

Today marks the release of their all new music video and single release for the track “Sphinx”. The song hits in a number of ways and the music video is very clean and well produced. Pair these things together and we have a winning combination here. This is also the band’s first full music video so kudos to them for taking another positive step in their promising career. You can watch the video itself just below. You can also grab the single over on Bandcamp!

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