Turma is a djent/death core band formed in Naples (Italy) in October 2008. The band, conscious of the difficulties facing those proposing an alternative to Italian scene music, started to work creating a sound inspired from ’80s thrash metal roots. The first album, “Tearless”, is a mix between Heavy and Thrash metal. This brought the band to perform with artists like Necrodeath, Michael Angelo Batio, Arthemis.

After several changes, Turma are now composed by Raffaele Berisio (voice), Lello Di Lorenzo (guitar), Fabrizio Lamanna (bass), Ciro Troisi (drums).Their sound has now changed into a modern djent/deathcore with extreme metal influences. Their new work, “Kraken”, fully reflects the new direction of the band. Tight sounds will surround your mind while you’ll listen to “Kraken”! The album came out in 2017 via Agoge Records and is currently available worldwide via all digital platforms.

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