While speaking on the Talk About The Passion podcast recently, Unearth guitarist Buz McGrath had a good bit to say about the band’s progress on the new album. Chief among them was a quote about the amount of content they’ve written. He also stated that they’ll likely begin recording in March.

“We got probably twenty songs written. So no shortage of material.”

It was also recently announced that former The Acacia Strain and current Legend guitarist Daniel “DL” Laskiewicz had inolvement in the creative process. Buz elaborated on this by saying:

“We just needed to get a third person into the mix riff-wise. Me and Ken have been writing the same record for however many years. So let’s let some other guys stuff in there. That’s been working out great. Whenever I hear a fresh idea with our stuff, that’s scratching my itch. My shit to me sounds like the same stuff over and over again. You try to dig yourself out of that hole and sometimes you do, but a lot of times it’s difficult.”

There’s a lot to look forward to here so stay tuned for more!

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