The United States Pacific Northwest is home to a great number of things. Amazing landscapes and massive redwood trees are among them. So is a blossoming metal music scene that should be recognized!

Portland’s very own VINTERSEA encapsulates what it means to be a member of this movement in its truest form. Their music takes a natural approach, inspired through the landscapes that surround them, to produce high quality melodic metal spanning the musical spectrum. Listeners will find elements of Progressive Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, Post-Metal, and more all laced through their sound and the results truly speak for themselves!

The band was born from the mind and skill of lead guitarist Jorma Spaziano who began the mission. He was then joined by the impressive vocal duality of singer and metal vocalist Avienne. They both came to Portland from the east coast and Malaysia respectively and it’s clear why they stayed! They came to be joined by the talents of Riley Nix on guitar and Jeremy Spencer on drums to bring the line-up to full strength.

Collectively, they brought about the band’s first EP “Asterion: Constellations” back in 2014 and doubled down to launch their debut album “The Gravity of Fall” last year. Both of these releases demonstrate both the band’s mission and aptitude for genre bending and expression. Both are currently available for streaming in full and purchase over on Bandcamp!

Today, we’d like to shine a light on the brilliance of the band’s first ever music video “Skies Set Ablaze”. Not only does the song itself show multiple sides of this multi-faceted metal unit – it illustrates their approach to music damn near perfectly through beautiful views of the Pacific Northwest and clever transitions between cold and warm coloration. Definitely check this out down below!

If you’d like to follow along with Vintersea and support what they do, there are several mediums to make that happen. As mentioned before, the music is available over on Bandcamp. It can also be found on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and other online locations. You can directly follow along with the band and show them some love on Facebook and Instagram as well.

Also, stay tuned for more! Rumor has it that Vintersea have been producing an all new music video… Get ready for the drop!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // Instagram // iTunes // Amazon // Spotify