This might be the most visually impressive lyric video we’ve ever seen! The Dali Thundering Concept, similar to their namesake, is not a band known to stray away from great aesthetics in their work. The latest video from their camp, made for a new track “The Myth of Happiness”, really brings things to the next level across the board! The song is chalk full of criticisms against modern day living and the sharp visuals illustrate this beyond expectation with some very nice camera and effects work. Very well done!

Better yet, their music amounts to a full frontal tech metal assault! For those who have never listened to this band, there’s no time like the present to enjoy their music. They have an all new album by the name of “Savages” set for launch on April 13th through Apathia Records. Be on the look out for that! Physical pre-orders are currently available HERE and digital pre-orders are currently available HERE.

The band also recently put out an impressive music video for a new single “Ink” featuring none other than Oceano’s Adam Warren. You can check that out below as well.

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