Are you looking for some downright brutality to dropkick your senses? Wellington, New Zealand’s very own Depraved are here to give you a hand (or a leg). This is a four piece monster bringing slam and beatdown elements with their particular brand of Death Metal. No one is safe when Depraved begins to play…

Over the past few years, they’ve put out a few EP releases. The latest of these goes by the name of “Perverse Engorgements of Inhumane Barbarities” and comes packed with 6 merciless tracks. This includes a feature from Organectomy’s Alex Paul on track #2.

Currently, the record is available for both streaming and purchase over on the Depraved Bandcamp page. You can also follow along with their brand of madness over on Facebook.

We reached out to team up with Depraved for a couple promotions here. That being the case, you can also enjoy the entirety of “Perverse Engorgements of Inhumane Barbarities” through the video stream provided here:

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp