Here’s one hell of a heavy hitting one man band that I’m sure a great number of you at The Circle Pit will enjoy! Going by the name of Reaver, this is an explosive Progressive Metalcore project hailing from the state of Michigan. There’s no shortage of technicality and groove working as an undercurrent to the sounds put forth on this project. All in all, it makes for quite an enjoyable experience.

Since coming to the light last year, Reaver has released an EP by the name of “Dichotomy” and is now following that up with a brand new EP to be known as “Synapse”! While an exact release date has yet to go public, some music has! Reaver launched a vicious single by the name of “Virulentis” early this month to spread before the main payload arrives. In short, this track is awesome. All of the music is currently available for streaming and a “name your price” download over on Bandcamp! Go show some support and prepare for the madness to come!

To support the cause, we are now streaming the single “Virulentis” via YouTube. You can enjoy the track right here:

It’s also noted that a primary focus of Reaver’s music is the lyrics. That being the case, we’ve provided them here for your reading pleasure!

You’re supposed to adapt
Yet instead you attack
Demolition you attract
And turn the whole Earth black
Pan out from the forests and oceans
You’ve destroyed with intense devotion
See the wreckage at your hand
You’ve wrought horror on shared land
Mammalian your name
A paradox in vain
Bring them to acquaint
With death and violent flame
Mammalian your shame
A tinderbox your game
Play with no constraint
With impossible sustain
Tu nullum mammale, sed morbus es
Tu nullum mammale, sed virus es
Your surroundings were
Meant to change you
Your surroundings have
Been given birth anew
But not one featuring the fruits of life
New meaning to the word of strife
The footprint large and in you break
Shake the natives to their radiopaque
Scorched vermilion blackened cinnabar
Torched brilliance now your abattoir
Becoming a virus oh so bonafide
A Mother’s new need for prolicide
Extend her hand, wash away vermintide
Destroy the very ones on the urchin’s side
The foundation lain down, brick by brick
Making the maker absolutely fucking sick
She observes a creation potentially slick
Given a home from which now to evict
Sucking dry, the resources of yesteryear
While you think you’ve done your best here dear
Optimum would’ve been to not infest this sphere
Nobody appreciates the gross land theft here
You took land with which you were blessed
Tu nullum mammale, sed morbus es
Converted to ash what was picturesque
Tu nullum mammale, sed virus es

Links: Bandcamp