For those who are unaware, Skognatt is a quality Atmospheric Black Metal band making moves out of Augsburg, Germany. They’re also quite prolific in their dealings, having put out four releases in just over a year’s time – each attached with a particular theme. It’s also worth noting that this band is joined by Danijel Zambo who we’ve worked with previously (LISTEN HERE).

Last year, they launched an impressively dark EP by the name of “Ancient Wisdom”. Now, they’ve revamped that EP and turned it into a full-length album! It’s currently available for streaming and purchase in full over on Bandcamp along with their other work!

Upon learning this, we wanted to get involved with some promotion! That being the case, we’ve arranged a single stream to give you good people a taste of the full album! You can find both the lovely single “World Apart” and a stream of the original “Ancient Wisdom” EP down below. Keep in mind, if you enjoy the music, it’s all available over on Bandcamp! You can also follow along with the band on Facebook.

Here’s the original EP:

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp