The Finnish prog metal act Valermada released their debut album ‘Fear, Regrets and Mourning’ on 4.4.18.

Valermada is also in process of releasing lyric videos for all the tracks on the album on their Youtube channel.

Valermada’s debut single ‘Becoming Me (Incomplete)’ was featured on one of Spotify’s biggest metal music playlists ‘New Metal Tracks’.

Band line up: Olavi Santala – vocals and guitar, Jari Herrala – guitar, Antti Jylhä – bass and violin, and Tuomo Latvala – drums. Previously they have played in groups like Hateform, Abysmalia, Ground Frame, Marbleheroes and Demigod, and the drummer Tuomo Latvala is also a member of Torture Killer and Omnium Gatherum.

”Fear, Regrets and Mourning combines elements from death metal and prog to ambient music and traditional songwriting. It’s melancholic, dark and aggressive but with a glimpse of beauty and hope.” the vocalist Santala said. ”As an artist I need to be able to express the whole spectrum from extreme anxiety and panic to f#%king rainbows because that’s what real life is. It’s never just black, pain and dying, nor is it just love and grace – it’s all of the above and more coming at you all at once and too quickly for you to control or to understand. Being true to yourself means accepting that.”

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