Here’s an awesome world premiere for you good people! Hailing from Norway comes an absolutely lethal band called Frostbitt. Their craft comes down to crossing nostalgic elements of Nu Metal with the more modern edge found with bands such as Vildhjarta and Meshuggah. The results are, frankly, awesome!

All of this and more shows through their brand new music video for the track “Dragon”. Not only is the track itself a wrecking ball, the video is quite nice. Filmed in a cave with melted ice water flowing through, it’s visually stunning to say the least. You can experience this for yourself by pressing that “play” button just below! The track should be up on platforms such as Spotify very soon. Rumor has it they have more on the way so stay tuned!

In other Frostbitt news, you may or may not have seen their hilarious take on Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” in which they played it in the style of 10 different Nu Metal bands. Pretty entertaining to say the least. You can give it a go by CLICKING HERE.

You may also follow along with the band directly by visiting them on platforms such as Facebook, Bandcamp, and Instagram. Show some love!

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