We’re here to introduce a new, four-piece band making their presence known from the southern reaches of Carlotte, North Carolina. Going by the name of Hopes Hollow, this is a strong, independent music unit looking to catch some ears with their sound! With these hooks and various talents, they’re sure to do just that! Their style comes down to a cross between modern Hard Rock and Metal. If you enjoy bands like Breaking Benjamin, Of Mice & Men, Killswitch Engage, and Stone Sour – this may very well be for you!

They recently launched their debut EP, strapped with the fitting title “Awakening”. Grab some coffee and tune in to the tip of this band’s career through the full stream / playlist found down below. This is a well-produced effort to mark the beginning of what they plan to do musically. The release consists of 6 tracks across a ~20 minute spectrum. Check it out!

If you like the music here, there are a number of ways to support this band! You can give the them a follow on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. You can also land a visit on their DistroKid Official Website. As for listening, Hopes Hollow are currently available on all major online music platforms! This includes the likes of Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. Go forth and show some love!

As stated, this is a four man music machine. The line-up consists of Jared Davis on the front with vocals, Scott Hartsell handling both lead guitar and the programming behind the music, Bobby Sherwood supporting on rhythm guitar, and Ryan Plummer keeping the tempo on drums. Give a listen to them here and let’s wait and see what they pull off next!

Links: Facebook // Official Website // YouTube // Spotify // iTunes // Amazon // Google Play