Now it’s time to venture completely out of the box. In Love Your Mother are an adventurous and often off-the-wall Mathcore band producing a variety of sounds. They are a collision between art and chaos making their presence known from over in Zürich, Switzerland.

Currently, they’re gearing up for the release of an all new album “The Greatest Hits” which will come through a variety of mediums and will include personalized covers for each member (as pictured below). The full project was recorded live on an analog tape machine in a single room with no overdubs, no effects, and nothing added. This LP will officially see its release in May!

In support of this, we’re helping to premiere one of the more zany numbers “The Painter 10.1” complete with a wild music video. You can check out the goods down below. It’s also recommended to check out their YouTube for other recent music videos and understand the different sides at play here.

The group is comprised of three primary members being guitarist and vocalist Valentin Baumgartner, bassist and vocalist Amedeo Mauriello, and drummer Andrea Tinner.

If you wish to directly follow along and support their efforts, you may do so via Facebook, their Official Website, and their Official Store.

Links: Facebook // Official Website // Official Store // YouTube