Portland, Oregon has been a hot bed for great, new metal bands in recent history. There seems to be an overwhelming ammount of talent pouring from this corner of the country. As such, we have yet another great band to shine the spotlight on so tune in your ears and get ready for this one!

Introducing… Ligature Marks! This is a talented four-piece is looking to put themselves on the map and “set oceans on fire” as the lyrics say. They weave together elements of Melodic Death Metal and some core elements for a smooth, yet heavy modern metal sound that sits well in the ears.

Currently, the band is building towards the release of a new EP sometime this Summer! It looks as if this will likely be launched in either June or July so stay tuned…

However, as it stands, you won’t have to wait another minute to give the music a sampling! Ligature Marks have launched an absolutely stunning new music video for their track “Fire and Flood”! Filmed in the rolling pacific northwest, there’s no shortage of beauty and good music here! Give it a go by pressing that play button below. Also, if you enjoy the music, be sure to follow along with Ligature Marks on Bandcamp and Facebook to see what comes next!

In other news, it would appear the band will be playing with the mighty Insomnium on June 4th at the Hawthorne Theater in Portland, Oregon. Definitely check this show out if you’re able!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp

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