Serga Kasinec is an explosive talent rocking the foundations from his home in Budapest, Hungary. His style comes down to high octane, instrumental, metal guitar greatness! Armed with a number of very nice instruments, a range of very nice equipment, and no shortage of creativity, he brings his aural visions into life. It’s also no uncommon for him to work with a number of other talents through a number of different projects. If you yourself would like to work with Serga, he’s currently available under the listing of “Available for Cooperation: [email protected]

Most recently, under his solo project, he launched an album by the name of “AMMAT”. However, we’re actually going to throw it back to his 2016 release “Samael’s Tear” with a track called “Boreas”. Why? Because he recently launched an incredible video in support of this track! You can scope this out down below.

If you enjoy, be sure to support Serga’s work through one of the following mediums – Bandcamp, iTunes, Facebook, or Instagram. Any and all support shown to this talent is well deserved!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // Instagram // iTunes