We promised that when we hit 50k on Facebook, we’d premiere an all new Dream Void single featuring the vocals of Shadow of Intent’s Ben Duerr… That time has come! Look below and hit that play button to witness some high octane metal first hand:

Big thanks to all of you for letting us do this. In return, we’ll also be releasing a HUGE free music compilation starting June 1st! This Dream Void song will be track #1 on that

For those who are unaware about Dream Void, this is a dangerous metal unit on the rise from Lafayette, Indiana with a lot to offer. Their sound primarily comes down to a Technical Death Metal assault that also has the tendency to branch into other veins of metal music. No matter which angle they approach the listener from, there’s a substantial amount of talent to be found here. You can follow along with their work on platforms such as Bandcamp and Facebook and prepare for what comes next… It’s going to be awesome!

Stay tuned for all of the above…!

Dream Void: Facebook // Bandcamp