Great news here! The mighty Humanity’s Last Breath have just signed on with Unique Leader Records for the release of an all new album! That being the case, expect plenty more news where this came from…

In the meantime, you can take a look at the teaser video just released in support of this news. So far, it’s looking so good with some sweet animations and new heaviness to chomp on! Prepare yourselves for the thall…

Here’s the official statement from Unique Leader Records in support of this:

Unique Leader Records is pleased to welcome progressive death metal behemoths HUMANITY’S LAST BREATH to their ever expanding and highly celebrated roster.

Formed in 2009, the Helsingsorg, Sweden based group has released two massively praised full lengths, their 2016 EP Detestor, and have made huge waves in the death metal underground with their monolithic, terrifyingly heavy, and relentlessly technical sound. HUMANITY’S LAST BREATH is widely known as one of the most fearlessly extreme bands in their genre and The Circle Pit has called the band, “…the sound of demise, of an inescapable fate of destruction crushing the masses.”

Last year the group released a new single entitled “Abyssal Mouth”. A promising glimpse into the what fans can expect from the band moving forward, the track shows HUMANITY’S LAST BREATH at the absolute height of their earth shakingly heavy abilities.

HUMANITY’S LAST BREATH will release their third full length later this year. More news on their Unique Leader debut in the coming weeks.

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