Here’s an explosive three-man-band causing shockwaves from over in Karlsruhe, Germany. They go by the name of Methadone and you might just get hooked on their high end groove metal sound. In fact, this band could easily be recommended for fans of Pantera, Sepultura, and Gojira to name a few.

Methadone launched a rather massive album by the name of “Absentia” which pulls 8 crushing numbers over a ~35 minute run time. The whole of this is now available for streaming and purchase over on their Bandcamp page so listen up!

We’re also currently streaming a full album video for “Absentia” over on YouTube which means you can give the whole experience a listen right here, right now! Simply hit that play button.

If you want to follow along with the band directly, you may do so by heading over to Facebook. Have a metal day, my friends!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp