Here’s an absolute treat for the Progressive Metal / Rock fans of this world! Coming from another planet entirely, Walking Across Jupiter have marked their return! This time around, their sound comes with a few notable changes… namely the addition of vocals. This does nothing to undercut the presentation – rather enhancing the entire experience to a whole new level! In fact, they could easily be recommended for fans of TesseracT, Monuments, Periphery, Sikth, David Maxim Micic, Disperse, Haken, Animals As Leaders, and the like with their high quality performance.

This can be observed through the release of their all new album “Oneiroid” which just struck the world today. The entire LP is currently available for listening and purchase over on Bandcamp among other locations across the internet.

To support the band’s stellar efforts, we’ve teamed with Walking Across Jupiter to bring their music directly to you! That being the case, you may now stream the entirety of “Oneiroid” right here, right now:

If you enjoy this band’s work, also be sure to give them a follow over on Facebook and Instagram.

Links: Facebook // Instagram // Bandcamp