A rather ridiculous event sprung up across the news weekend. Two metalhead brothers and prospective students were attending a college tour at Colorado State University. An overly concerned mother on the tour called the police stating the pair made her “nervous” for wearing black clothing with “Their clothing has dark stuff on it – like, their face… Just, uh, weird symbolism or wording on it…One of them has their left hand in his oversized sweatshirt the whole time.” The entire call can be heard over on local Colorado news source KUNC. In reality, they were just kids wearing Cattle Decapitation and Archspire merch respectively.

As a result, the two were pulled aside to be questioned and searched by the police. This can be seen through the body cam footage released by Colorado State University below.

Apparently, the two drove 7 hours for the tour and missed it due to this incident and ended up driving 7 hours back.

To their credit, Colorado State University has said, “This incident is sad and frustrating from nearly every angle, particularly the experience of two students who were here to see if this was a good fit for them as an institution”. They’re also looking to reimburse the two for any travel expenses.

Cattle Decapitation commented on the event saying, “WEAK. Thomas Kanewakeron Gray and Skanahwati Lloyd Gray you get free guest list spots to our shows for life.”

Likewise, Archspire commented by saying, “The fundamental weight of this story should focus more heavily on calling out the individual that committed this bigotry and less attention on how the college compensated the victims.

Attempting to switch the gears of this conversation from what’s important to how gracious this college was for coming to immediate action is quite simply a misdirection.

Let’s focus less on how “gracious” the college was for quickly remedying this very common discriminatory occurrence and focus more on how we can help solve this recurring and problematic social ignorance.
I understand that with a lack of travel and/or a lack of diversity in your own day to day life experience, one might create a kind of social bubble where it becomes perpetually easier to disassociate yourself with cultures and styles of art simply because they contradict your own.

So, rather than focusing on these two young brothers who are not only deserving of but also entitled to both apology and compensation,

I invite the mother referenced in this article, along with her family, to come to our next show in Colorado, free of charge to observe first hand just how positive, accepting and overall uplifting the “threatening” lifestyle that these innocent brothers freely and publicly represent, actually is.

With any hope, seeing the unity and undeniable joy that’s brought into the lives of these young music and art enthusiasts, might change her bias opinion about who they really are at their core.”

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