Introducing Argyle & The Smoothskins! This is a Cleveland based band making large scale Progressive Rock / Metal music to satisfy the senses and twist the thoughts. Their approach could be recommended to fans of contemporaries such as Scale The Summit and Pomegranate Tiger while remaining in a vein to call their own. In short, this 3 man band makes for some interesting listening.

They recently put out a new album by the name of “Go And Make Disciples” which packs in over an hours worth of music and many, many aural ideas. You can give this experience a go by checking the video stream provided below or by heading over to website such as Bandcamp to claim it as a part of your music collection!

If you enjoy the work this band is putting in, you can also give them a visit on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. They also have an official website you can check into.

Enjoy the music!

Links: Facebook // Instagram // Bandcamp