A mysteriously dark, new force of music has sprung up onto the rock circuit. He, they, it (?) goes by the name of Lummox. No one truly knows who’s behind this band or if it even is a full band. It begs the question, “What lies beneath the cloak?”

Mysteries aside, there’s undoubtedly a sheen of professionalism and quality to be found behind every turn of Lummox. From the hard hitting, modern edge of the music to the darkened image, there’s a good bit to enjoy here.

Lummox personally describe the music as being somewhere on the spectrum from “active rock to melodic alt-rock”. They’ve been releasing a series of new singles to exhibit this. They’ve also launched two intriguing music videos which can be viewed down below! The latest of these two goes by the name of “So Dangerous” as a follow up to the original visuals of “Burn”. You can watch both of the above, down below.

There will be plenty more where this came from! If you enjoy the music, stay tuned for much more Lummox heading your way!

You can learn much more about the mystery, lore, and music behind Lummox by checking onto the Official Website for Lummox! They also have an awesome, visually advanced Instagram account that’s worth looking into if you’re into such things. Lummox can also be followed on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Dig in deep enough and you might just learn what lies beneath the cloak…

Links: Facebook // Official Website // Instagram // Twitter